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Workplace Bullies

May 12, 2015
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    Elizabeth Meister

    This is all well and good that the workplace bullies were childhood bullies also. And we all know that is no good reason for this to take place or give those bullies an excuse for their actions. You state it is to be reported. Again that is all well and good. But it also depends who you work for and what actions if any would be taken. I worked for the Air Force as a civilian and our entire office was bullied by one individual for years. Even after numerous complaints nothing was done. I myself was a victim of this bully's verbal, physical and sexual abuse. I reported it to the proper authorities. Nothing was accomplished by this. She was given a free get out of jail card. I and 2 other employees took early retirements to end our misery of being bullied on a daily basis. Almost 90 years of experience between us three walked out the door. It is a shame, but necessary for our mental well being. So really I have had first hand experience of being bullied and I can tell you until the reports of bullying to your employers are taken seriously; bullying in the workplace will never end. Please the next time you post a video like this give real life answers to the people who are the victims not an excuse for the way these people are acting as an adult.

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    Where is the rest of the story? 1:47 is about three hours too short for this topic.

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    bonita steinkraus

    Yes, I was wondering why CHI doesn' t have a CBT learning on Horse play , Low esteem and bullying? I have seen it and heard it from others.

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