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“You gave me my life back”

April 26, 2010
CHI Health


“You gave me my life back”

Dillon Schuman, an 18-year old college student, never thought he would be back in the rehabilitation center after he left 3 years ago following a car accident. His first brain injury brought him to Immanuel Rehabilitation Center in 2006 where he made a full recovery, finished high school, and held several jobs. After high school, Dillon chose to attend the University of Nebraska taking general courses working towards finding a major. Dillon was driving to a friend’s house on November 21st, 2009 when he was hit by a car which resulted in his fourth brain injury and required another inpatient rehabilitation stay.

While at Immanuel Rehabilitation Center, Dillon worked with a variety of therapies including physical, occupational, speech and aquatics to regain his ability to walk, climb stairs, maintain attention and problem solve. Dillon’s goal is to return to UNL to resume his coursework as he decides on a major.

Julie Harms, a physical therapist that worked with Dillon throughout both of his rehab, says “Dillon was a blast to work with. He was so motivated and was willing to work hard in therapy. I wish him well in the future!”

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