Your Ideal Physician

June 18, 2009

Your Ideal Physician

Make her feel comfortable, listen to concerns, empower her in the healing process

As an Obstetrician/Gynecologist I interact on a daily basis with approximately 30 patients one-on-one.  Each has a different issue or concern.  Each is in a different stage of her life.  Some women I meet for the first time, while others have already developed a long-term relationship with me as their physician.  However, the goals I have before I walk into each examination room are the same:  make her feel comfortable, listen to her concerns, and empower her to participate in the healing process.

I have found that women most appreciate seeing a physician who expresses empathy for her condition, acknowledges the impact the condition has on her life, and educates her how to better care for and prevent the condition.  Do you agree?  What defining qualities of your physician keep you coming back?  What qualities have your former physicians possessed that sent you to look elsewhere?

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