Advanced Directives

Your Life. Your End-of-Life. Your Decisions.

June 16, 2010


Your Life. Your End-of-Life. Your Decisions.

If you’re a healthy American adult, you are likely already living YOUR life on YOUR terms (within the law, of course!). Sure, there may be some difficult decisions you make every now and then in order to please a friend or family member – rather than just yourself – but when everything is all said and done, your life is in your hands.

So why should the end of your life be any different?

We know – talking about living life is a whole lot more fun that talking about how it’s going to end. But, as Dr. Doug Dunning explains in the video above, it’s an important conversation that all adults should be having with their doctors and family members. We even recommend putting it in writing in a legal document known as an Advance Directive. By helping those around you to understand your values and your health care wishes now, you can ensure that YOU will be in control of your life … until the very end. | Contact Us | News Center | Privacy Notice | Suggest a Blog Topic

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