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10 Ways to Ease Allergy Symptoms

By Bridget N. Cornell, APRN February 15, 2024 Posted in: Wellness

Non-stop runny, sneezy or stuffy nose? Itchy or teary eyes? Starting as early as February and persisting through October, seasonal allergies can cause a variety of annoying symptoms.

Some get a scratchy sore throat, persistent cough, or the nagging feeling of mucus running down the back of your throat – or all three. 

As symptoms persist, allergy sufferers can also experience trouble sleeping, fatigue and headaches. 

If you’re struggling with seasonal allergies, you’re not alone. These symptoms affect one in four adults and nearly one in five children. But there are things you can do to feel better.

Ways to Help Allieviate Allergy Symptoms

  1. Avoid the allergens you know you’re allergic to. 
  2. Smoking may increase the incidence of allergy exacerbations. Do not smoke. Do not allow smoking in your home.
  3. Change your heating and air conditioning filters at least once a month.
  4. Keep windows closed as much as possible.
  5. Check pollen counts and plan outdoor activities when pollen counts are lowest.
  6. When coming indoors, change clothing and shower after being outside.
  7. Avoid pets if you are allergic to them.
  8. Vacuum, sweep, and dust regularly.
  9. Treat symptoms with over-the-counter medications
  10. Block allergy symptoms with oral antihistamines 
  11. Use a nasal steroid 

Reach out to your provider for more questions about your allergies and for other treatment options. 

While there is no cure for allergies, we can ease symptoms. See your primary care provider if you have a fever, cough that will not go away or wheezing. We can offer treatment as appropriate or refer you to a specialist, if necessary.


Bridget N. Cornell, APRN
Bridget N. Cornell, APRN

Bridget N. Cornell, APRN is a Family Medicine provider with CHI Health.

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