Karen Bermel LIMHP, MC

Dealing With Annoying Family During the Holidays

Mental Health

We are all fully aware that the holidays are just around the corner. As I write this blog, Thanksgiving is just a little over two weeks away; Christmas about six weeks away. Many of us are planning menus, looking for sales and, once again, looking forward to time with family. Or are we? True, we might be planning fabulous menus and looking for the best sale on certain must-have items for gifting – but sometimes we are not looking forward to spending time with family. Maybe you’ve got a cranky uncle; a never-on-time sister; a politically incorrect brother-in-law, or a mom who is never happy. There’s a little secret that many share but rarely speak of at this time of … Continue reading

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Robin Duhon, RD, LMNNT

What to Avoid on a Yeast-Free Diet

Nutrition, Wellness

There are several medical conditions in which an alternative diet may help alleviate symptoms. Individuals with Celiac Disease find relief by following a gluten-free diet, those suffering with diabetes follow a consistent carbohydrate diet and someone that is lactose intolerant avoids dairy. A yeast-free diet is thought to facilitate in reducing the symptoms for anyone experiencing Candida overgrowth. Yeast is a fungus that converts carbohydrates to alcohols and carbon dioxide. Candida is a family of yeasts found in human tissues that are kept under control by beneficial bacteria found along the intestinal tract. When the beneficial bacteria are reduced, most frequently by the use of antibiotics, Candida can rapidly overgrow and cause several conditions such as thrush and skin or … Continue reading

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Cassie Benak, MS, PLMHP

Sharing to Make a Shift with Infant Loss


Here in the United States we often have difficulty finding the words to say to someone after the loss of a child, and often we don’t talk about it at all. It is not that way everywhere in the world. For example, in Japan they don’t use words such as “fetus” or “product of a pregnancy,” instead they use the gentle word “Mizuko.” Mizuko means “water child.” In Japan they have a celebration called Mizuko Kuyo; this is a celebration of honor for the babies who have been lost. (Source: Naming the Child by Jenny Schroedel) CHI Health’s Open Arms Support Group is making changes to the thought of infant loss being taboo. We celebrate the life that is and … Continue reading

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Julie Simon, LIMHP, CEAP

Man’s Best Friend: The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Mental Health, Wellness

Pet ownership has been on the rise the last few decades. A recent study by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, determined that approximately two-thirds of American households (71.1 million) have at least one pet. According to national surveys, most pet owners say companionship, love, company and affection are the main benefits of owning a pet. There is a large amount of data confirming that pets are good for our psychological health and may increase, not only the quality of your lives, but also our longevity. The following is just a small sampling of what research has shown: Pets help recovery from heart attacks. A National Institute of Health study found that dog owners had a better one-year survival after a … Continue reading

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Julie Simon, LIMHP, CEAP

Homesick While at College? You’re Not Alone

Mental Health

You have been busy experiencing the first weeks of college life.  You have left behind familiar faces, routines and places and are facing the realization that family life continues while you are away at college. Is missing home making it difficult for you to enjoy college life?  If so, you’re not alone. Studies have shown that over 65 percent of college freshmen experience feelings of homesickness.   The cure for homesickness is not to go home every chance you get.  There’s nothing wrong with visiting home once in a while, talking or visiting with a high school friend or going back for hometown celebrations.  The key is moderation.  You want to focus your energy in building a fulfilling, successful college … Continue reading

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