Chelsea Gauer, RD, LMNT

The Part of Our Body We are Most Self-Conscious About Might be the Most Underrated

Weight Management, Wellness

We’re all obsessed with our guts.  We hate our: big guts, beer guts, gut rolls, bloated guts (shall I continue?). We feel like we’re always working toward: flat bellies, washboard abs, and lean cores.  We are hard on our guts, and usually embarrassed by a lot of its actions (insert “toilet flush” sound effect now).  But, research is telling us that the gut (stomach, small intestine, and colon) has more control over the brain and body than we realized, and that we’re all obsessed for the wrong reasons. The brain and gut are more connected and alike than we might realize: They both have their own nervous systems – Essentially, the gut can function without any oversight from the brain. … Continue reading

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Jim Kleveter, MS, LIMHP, NCC

Four Ways to Overcome Summertime Body-Image Stress

Mental Health, Wellness

Summertime is upon us, which means warm weather and people hanging out outside. It also means people will be wearing more revealing clothing just to stay cool. For people who do not like their body image, this can be a stressful time; however, for people who have eating disorders, this can be the worst time of the year. The symptoms of an eating disorder can worsen because of the pressures he/she puts on himself/herself to have the perfect swimsuit body. Teenagers are especially prone to pressure themselves to look like the models on the magazine covers we see at the grocery store. Here are some tips to help overcome the anxiety and stress of summertime body image worries. Wear clothing that … Continue reading

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Ellen Thomsen, MS, RD, LMNT

How to Make Your Next Grill Out Healthy

Nutrition, Weight Management, Wellness

Summertime is here which means days at the pool, weekends at the lake and plenty of outdoor activities to fill your time. Warm weather also means grilling season is officially here. According to the 24th Annual Weber GrillWatch Survey, 25% of people are grilling to be healthier. What’s next on your summer party menu? The traditional hamburgers, potato salad and chips? These foods are high in calories and fat. Not to mention the potential for food safety concerns from a potato salad being left out for too long. Want to try a mouthwatering menu that’s nutritious and flavorful? Here are some tips to try: Using rubs and marinades are a great way to infuse flavor without adding too many extra … Continue reading

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Tim Hron, MA, LIMHP

How to Protect Your Child Against Strangers (and Human Trafficking)

Mental Health

Hello fellow parents! I want to talk about a concern that can affect any family. You have a serious argument with your child and they decide to run away or leave home. As a parent you worry and fear for their safety. You begin to contact all your child’s friends and start searching for their whereabouts. Your child thinks that leaving or running away from home will solve their problems. However, what your child doesn’t realize is they could be at risk for abduction into human trafficking. Why is Human Trafficking a Concern? Human trafficking has become a public health issue and is growing each year across the United States. Sexual exploitation of children has become our country’s fastest growing … Continue reading

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Jim Kleveter, MS, LIMHP, NCC

Three Ways to Influence Good Sportsmanship in Your Child

Mental Health, Parenting, Wellness

Well, it is that time of year where spring youth sports are beginning or have already started. Those of us who have children playing spring sports know all too well how the weather can change dramatically from day to day. One day it can be 72 degrees and sunny and the next day it can be 55 degrees and windy. It is also a time where we are cheering and encouraging on our children to perform to their best abilities. Cheering and encouraging are the key words here. I have witnessed a variety of behaviors that parents display at their children’s sporting events; ranging from yelling encouraging statements to disparaging remarks about the umpires/referees and even their own children. I have … Continue reading

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