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Tips and Tricks to Getting a Workout While Traveling

By Danielle Wooldrik, DO, CAQSM October 22, 2018 Posted in: Wellness

When you’re traveling, getting in your daily workout may be the last thing on your mind. Between travel schedules, activity scheduling and getting everyone fed…who has time to work out? You do! Getting into and staying in a routine when it comes to exercise is a great benefit. Letting those habits lapse when traveling can spell trouble for when you get home.

Airport Workouts

If you have time, walk the concourse between flights.  The areas are temperature controlled and it gives you a chance to get a better feel for the location. If you have a long flight, and it is safe to remove your seat belt, get up and walk the cabin every three to four hours to get your blood flowing.  Just remember not to disturb other passengers or airline employees. Try some gentle in your seat stretching when you arrive at your destination.

Quick Workouts for Long Road Trips

Take a rest break, stop the car and stretch your legs every three to four hours.  Find a safe place like a rest area or city park and take a few minutes to explore. Also perform some of these quick and easy exercises on your break:

  • Ankle Circles
  • Foot Pumps
  • Knee Lifts
  • Neck Rolls
  • Bring Knees to Chest
  • Shoulder Roll

Take Advantage of Hotel Workout Options

The easiest answer when working out at a hotel is to find the fitness center or pool and engage in your usual form of exercise.  Better yet, try something new! Some companies provide in room equipment and videos or even have classes available for guests, so ask the concierge.

You can even prepare ahead of time by bringing your small and light equipment to use with you in your room.

Working Out While On the Go!

Get out and explore the area around you! Visit a historic landmark and go for a hike, or walk to that top-rated restaurant just down the street.  Many places offer walking tours of the city or a specific tourist site, or you can possibly rent a bike or pedal car and go out on designated trails.

  • If your local gym has other locations across the country, check out the one closest to you.

Traveling Workout Tricks

When all else fails, try these easy access ways to get in some physical activity:

  • If your local gym has other locations across the country, check out the one closest to you.
  • Look into a mobile workout app. There are many available for free or low cost and you have a pre-designed workout just for you that you can complete in 30 minutes or less without any special equipment!
  • “Plan” your exercise into your day. If you schedule it as part of your daily routine, it is much easier to keep it up. Generally it is easier to work out in the morning so you have time to go out and participate in all the unplanned activities a vacation has to offer.
  • Whenever possible, take the stairs!
Danielle Wooldrik, DO, CAQSM
Danielle Wooldrik, DO, CAQSM

Danielle L. Wooldrik, DO, CAQSM is a primary care and sports medicine provider at CHI Health.

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