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5 Things You Need to Know About Walking

By CHI Health Weight Management Team September 29, 2016 Posted in: Wellness

We've all heard that walking is good for our health.  Here are five things you'll want to consider before going on your next walk.

1. Is walking better on your joints than running?

If you consider just the impact alone, then over the long haul walking is less stressful on the joints. Whether you choose to walk, run, or combine the two, the benefits outweigh the potential harm you may or may not do to your joints.

2. Are those toe shoes all they're cracked up to be?

There isn’t a lot of research in regard to toe shoes. There are many factors to consider such as how much training are you doing in these shoes, what kind of surface are you running on, previous injuries, etc.  Something to consider, there is NO support, very little sole protection, and each toe has its own home which is a new experience.

3. What should you eat before going on a walk?

Your safest choice would be some kind of energy bar but watch the sugar content. A banana is a natural sugar that will help fuel your muscles and give you a little energy or even a slice of whole grain bread with almond butter.  It is best not to walk after you have consumed a large meal until some digestion has occurred. You should also consider the last time you ate, how far you are walking, and any existing health conditions just to mention a few.

4. When should you replace your walking shoes?

If you see significant wear on the sole, the insole is pancaked out, or they don’t feel like they offer the support they used to, it is likely time to replace your walking shoes.  Keep in mind it is a good idea to have more than one pair of exercise shoes and to alternate them.

5. What are the best surfaces to walk on?

The best surfaces for your next walk,  in this order: Grass, woodland trails, earth, cinders and man-made tracks.  Other factors that impact your body should also be considered as well as the shoes you are wearing.  Always be cautious of uneven surfaces, holes, debris, and things like this that could also create an injury.

CHI Health Weight Management Team
CHI Health Weight Management Team

These blogs were written by the CHI Health Weight Management Team.

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