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Is Dry Needling for Me?

Dry Needling is a technique that is used in the clinic for muscular pain.

How Does Dry Needling Work?

We find a knot in the muscle that is causing or contributing to the pain, and we address it with a very thin needle that gets inserted into the muscle. It helps that muscle to relax and reset and work as it should.

It is not uncommon to feel a little sore after this intervention. Typically we tell patients it is like getting a deep tissue massage, and how you might feel a bit sore after. We address the soreness with heat or ice on the sore area.

After a day or two when the soreness subsides, most patients report that the initial pain they experienced is greatly reduced.

If you feel that Dry Needling might be beneficial to you, take the first step and learn when you should see a physical therapist. Find a CHI Health Rehabilitation Care Dry Needling location near you.

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