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Why Would You Choose to Have Outpatient Surgery at an ASC?

By Stephanie Yudelson, RN, BSN November 21, 2018 Posted in: Wellness

You find yourself having that discussion with your surgeon about your upcoming need for surgery. Have you asked about having your procedure in the CHI Health Ambulatory Surgery Center at Midlands?

Cost Savings with an ASC

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) offer significant benefits over outpatient surgery including a shorter stay and a lower cost. Patients who do not need to be admitted to the hospital have a great choice in an Ambulatory Surgery Center. Cost savings can be anywhere from 20% for a simple colonoscopy to more than 57% for more complex orthopedic cases.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers Provide Efficiency and Convenience

Time is valuable and Ambulatory Surgery Centers offer efficiency with all you need in one location, from the check in process all they way through discharge. Our highly skilled teams streamline the process and allow you to recover in the comfort of your own home just hours after your surgery. Ambulatory Surgery Centers offer a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere where your care is personalized.

Only surgical patients are being treated in this environment. If a patient is ill, surgery will be cancelled. Because of this, there is a reduced risk of cross-contamination in ambulatory surgery centers. The Ambulatory Surgery Centers are held to the same high standards with the same regulations and guidelines as hospital outpatient departments. Studies continue to show reduced rates of complications and infections after surgery and higher patient satisfaction rates with a shorter stay in the Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers are a good alternative for efficient, quality, and cost-effective care. If you are in good health, ask your surgeon if the ambulatory surgery center is the best option for you.

Questions about whether an ASC is right for you? Contact us for more information at (402) 593-3400.

Stephanie Yudelson, RN, BSN

Stephanie Yudelson, RN, BSN is a surgery nurse at CHI Health.

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