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head lice and nits

Head Lice: What Parents Need To Know

My name is Laura Denning, I am a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at the CHI Health West Broadway Clinic and I serve the Pediatric population up to age 21.

Who Gets Head Lice?

Everyone can get head lice, it doesn't mean you're dirty, and it doesn't mean you have a lot of germs.

What is The Treatment of Head Lice?

With one topical treatment we can usually kill all the lice, but a common misconception is that the nits are killed by the topical solution, but they really are not. They have to be picked out by the parent or another child.

How Can I Remove The Nits After Treating my Child's Hair?

With a fine-tooth comb, usually provided in the topical solution kit. It comes in a box from the pharmacy and usually they provide you with a fine-tooth comb to help you with that, otherwise if you're really strapped you can pick them out with your fingers.

How Can I Stop Head Lice in The Future?

No sharing hats or scarfs or any type of thing around your hair, especially in the winter months. No sharing combs, brushes, and no sharing ponytail holders for the girls or guys.

How Can I Make an Appointment to Get My Child Treated?

If you have any additional questions or concerns about your child don't hesitate to call. All Pediatric providers at the West Broadway Clinic are accepting new patients.

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Laura Denning, CPNP, BSN, MSN
Laura Denning, CPNP, BSN, MSN

Laura Denning is a certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at CHI Health West Broadway Clinic. To schedule an appointment with Laura, please visit her provider profile.

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