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Wait, Harmony, Where Are You?

By Harmony Latham October 06, 2021 Posted in: Accelerated Nursing Program

From a southern California native who transplanted to Tennessee, you can now find my adventure reel in Grand Island, NE. I moved here to attend Creighton University's 12-month accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program on Creighton’s Grand Island Campus located at CHI Health St. Francis.

About Grand Island, NE

For those of you that don’t know, Grand Island is in fact, not an Island. It is a city in the middle of Nebraska right off of I-80 with approximately 50,000 people. To say I was nervous is an understatement. I moved in the middle of winter. I lost the battle with ice on many occasions and the cameras at my apartment complex can attest to this. However, as the year progressed I have learned to thrive, grow and truly appreciate the island I currently call home.

Sure, do I wish I was on a sandy beach, with crystal blue waves crashing down sometimes? Well of course, I am pretty sure we all do. However, Grand Island has afforded me opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten in any other place and I am 100% certain of this. I am part of a 16 person cohort that rotates between 3 different local hospitals for clinicals. Can you say incredible clinical experience time and a small cohort that allows more one on one time with professors? Because I can, and let me tell you, as a nursing student you want that.

New Person In Town

On top of the educational experience. I have met some of my dearest friends and people that I will share life with after the program. We are constantly having a good time whether we are competing in Kahoot! games, exploring our surroundings, or making memories with the friends we were fortunate to meet here.

The benefits to being in a place that is completely new to you and your peers means that you are not caught up in the “normalcy” of everyday life. You are reminded that this is a new place, new people, with fewer responsibilities and it leaves more time to focus on your schooling. Additionally, if you are blessed with a -24 degree cold spell that lasts more than a week, you will really be able to lean into pharmacology and pathophysiology because you are not leaving your apartment unless you absolutely have too.

When you finally make it to spring, you’ll want to be careful because you’ll end up finding your favorite coffee house with outdoor seating to study with your new pals. You’ll come to see the lake water calm down, the trees and grass turn green, and the city will come to life. Although, be even more cautious when summer comes around because there is ALWAYS a river that needs to be floated. You will fall into a rhythm, trying new restaurants, finding places to go dancing and walking the cute downtown strip shopping and snacking the entire time. Of course, in between your studies.

Life In Grand Island

You will also surprise yourself, when you are on your intensive breaks and free to move about the country, most of us go back home, you’ll crave the new normal that you have created in GI and the routine you have established. You will miss your peers, you will be excited to see your professors and you’ll be ready to jump back onto a floor caring for patients in your next rotation. Most importantly, if you are anything like me, you will be excited to see your growth into a nurse and as a medical professional.

The final thought: If given the opportunity to go back and choose coming to Grand Island again I would do it. Every time, a million times over, I would choose to come to Grand Island and be part of this amazing program.

Harmony Latham
Harmony Latham

Harmony Latham is a Creighton University accelerated BSN/RN nursing student who is based at CHI Health St. Francis in Grand Island, Nebraska.

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