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Grief from Missing Major Life Events

It's Okay to Be Sad

When it comes to heightened grief surrounding missing major life events, the one thing that we all should remember is: IT’S OKAY TO BE SAD – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Many of the individuals that I have spoken with often feel ashamed or embarrassed because they were unable to experience major life events, especially with the pandemic.  The second thing that you should remember is: IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.  You have the right to grieve!

A lot of individuals, including myself, often forget that there will be more milestones to celebrate.  I do not want to discount the emotions from missing certain life events, however, one important thing to always have in the forefront of your mind is to stay positive and make sure that you are keeping yourself mentally well.  If we can experience something as painful like missing a milestone, we can also experience the joy of showing resiliency and making those next ones or the anniversaries of the ones we missed, the best.

If you are experiencing any signs of grief, such as depression, loss of interest, overwhelming anxiety, not being able to complete daily routines or activities, or the inability to stop blaming yourself, please make sure to speak with your doctor or health care professional.  Take care of yourself and look forward to those upcoming life events that you will be sure to not miss!


Visit to connect with a CHI Health mental health provider. We offer in-person and virtual therapy sessions with our team of licensed mental health therapists.


Originally published: April 2021. Revised August 2022.

CHI Health Behavioral Care Team
CHI Health Behavioral Care Team

These blogs were written by members of the CHI Health Behavioral Care team.

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