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Mental Health is as Important as Physical Health

We know mental health is very important for the wellbeing of an individual. If you are not in a healthy state of mind, most likely you are at a higher risk to have physical problems. As a matter of fact, studies show that when people struggle with significant mental health problems they are at higher risk of having physical problems.

Stay Away From Destructive Behavior

It is important to take care of your mental health by staying away from what we call maladaptive coping skills to deal with anxiety-provoking situations. Sometimes people engage in destructive activities to deal with stress. For example, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, using street drugs or doing other activities that are destructive like getting involved in gambling or watching TV for many hours. All of that can be unhealthy. It's important to take care of yourself.

Have a Structure to Help with your Mental Health

It's important to have structure in your life even when you don't have work obligations. A lot of people cannot go to work at this point because of regulations around COVID-19. You cannot leave your house to go, for example, to social activities or to a gym. You still need to try your best to have a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Health and Diet are Just as Important

You have to try to practice activities that are healthy that you could practice while you are inside your house or without people. You need to take care of your physical health. You could do aerobics inside of your house. Taking care of your physical health, your diet, and your mental health are all important.

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Imad Alsakaf, MD
Imad Alsakaf, MD

Imad Alsakaf, MD is a Psychiatrist at CHI Health.

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