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Preventing Skin Cancer on the Golf Course

Did you know one in five Americans, one in three are Caucasians, will develop some form of skin cancer in their lifetime? The odds are even worse if you are a golfer.

Repeated exposure to the sun can lead to skin damage and even skin cancer. Golfers who spend hours in the sun, usually during the hottest part of the day, are particularly vulnerable. Prevention is the best defense again the sun.

Here Are Ways to Reduce Your Risk for Skin Cancer:

  • Apply sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher, 30 minutes ahead of time. Reapply during the round with a shot glass worth of sunscreen each time.
  • Wear a hat, sunglasses, and protective clothing
  • Seek shade when possible
  • Be sure to see your doctor for routine skin checks

Remember, every burn is a bad burn. It’s actually our skin’s way of protecting itself from cancer-causing radiation from the sun.

Contact a CHI Health Sports Medicine team member to learn more.

Danielle Wooldrik, DO, CAQSM
Danielle Wooldrik, DO, CAQSM

Danielle L. Wooldrik, DO, CAQSM is a primary care and sports medicine provider at CHI Health.

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