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A Loss I Wasn’t Ready For

By CHI Health October 05, 2010 Posted in: Patient Stories

I am a woman who likes shopping, clothes, make-up - and my HAIR! I have been a sassy redhead, a fun-loving blonde, diva brunette and even a pink-haired London punk rocker! Sky’s the limit for me and my hair styles

I am also a Breast Cancer survivor and here is my story.

After my lumpectomy, when I heard Cancer and my name in the same sentence, I thought, ok - what are the next steps? When I met with my oncologist, Dr. Nordquist, he went through my treatment plan with all of his statistics and prognosis, and I nodded sagely.

Then, he said I would lose my hair. “Are you sure,” I asked him.

“Yes,” he confirmed.

“How soon?”

“After the second round of chemo.”

That is when I cried. I had just made an appointment with a new hair salon; I called them and cancelled my appointment. I found out about Bravadas and went and bought the most expensive red, blonde and brunette wigs at the store - one in each color to go with every mood.

My wigs sat on a shelf for one week and then the time came when my hair began to fall out. My husband, a farmer/rancher, looked at me and said I think it’s time. I agreed - instead of an expensive salon, he volunteered to take his cow clippers and shave my head. My mom came over and we set up a stool in the garage. My mom wrapped a towel around my shoulders, held both of my hands, as my husband gently began to shave my head. As my long hair fell to the floor, my beloved dog Daisy sensed something was very wrong. Daisy came over and gently jumped up on her hind legs and put her paw on top of my hand and my mom’s hand.

I lost my hair that day, but with the care of Dr. Nordquist and my surgeon, Dr. Redland, along with all my nurses at Lakeside and Bergan, my wonderful support systems - both human and four legged members of my family - my hair was the only thing I lost. Four years later, my hair is back healthier than ever and so is my life.


CHI Health
CHI Health

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