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Annual Mammography is a Must!

October 11, 2010


Annual Mammography is a Must!


I was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive ductal cancer of the breast in 2004. I was 46 years old. 

As an x-ray technologist working for Alegent Health, I knew I should probably have a mammogram every year. But I had no family history of breast cancer; I was healthy and busy. I missed having a mammogram for 2 years.

I noticed a lump and saw my doctor. He sent me to CHI Health Lakeside HealthPark, the clinic that was onsite of the almost completed new CHI Health Lakeside. I had just accepted a position to work in the new hospital, so I told the mammogram and ultrasound techs that I would soon be their co-worker. They congratulated me and then they hugged me when the radiologist told me that my findings were highly suspicious for malignancy.

I had a lumpectomy done at CHI Health Immanuel. One lymph node was positive, so my treatment would include chemotherapy and 7 weeks of radiation treatment.

I began my new job at Lakeside during treatment. I would have the first radiation treatment of the day at Immanuel then go to work. I scheduled chemotherapy on Thursdays so that I’d be tired on weekends and would not miss any training or meetings involving my new job.

It was not easy going through cancer treatment but my new co-workers were very supportive and helpful. One particularly thoughtful tech made regular meals for me to take home, so I would not have to cook. The CHI Health employees that helped me along the way worked at Lakeside Healthpark radiology, Immanuel radiology, surgery and oncology, as well as Lakeside Hospital radiology. They all were capable, compassionate, professionals. I’m proud to work with them every day.


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