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Does Menopause Affect My Desire to Be Intimate?

“I just don’t feel like being intimate with my partner anymore.” You may feel this way, but you’re not alone. Please don’t be afraid to talk about this, this is a very common problem.

Stress Can Cause a Decline in Intimate Feelings

Part of it has to do with all the responsibilities and the stress that we have in our lives. It might indicated you need to take more time for yourself, for good nutrition, good rest, and time alone with your partner.

Can Hormonal Changes Have an Affect?

Sometimes hormonal decline can make things painful, not enjoyable, or not want to happen in the first place. Sometimes I can fix that, sometimes it takes more time for you to help me fix this. This might not be solved overnight, but I have some ideas and suggestions that will make things more comfortable, make things more exciting again and get your love life back on track.

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CHI Health Women's Health Team
CHI Health Women's Health Team

These blogs written by the CHI Health Women's Health Team.

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