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Foods That Boost Your Energy

June 11, 2018

Foods That Boost Your Energy

Today we’re talking about foods that boost your energy. So, we’re looking for fruits and vegetables that provide natural energy through the form of antioxidants and vitamins. Those types of things help to fight off disease and infection by boosting your immune system and providing your cells with necessary energy.

Looking for other foods to boost your energy? Try whole grains blended with a protein. For example, try a piece of whole grain toast with a tablespoon of nut butter for sustained energy. Another great option would be oatmeal topped with some walnuts. Those fats and the walnuts are actually healthy fats that give you long-term energy after you eat them.

Finally, let’s focus on beverages that boost your energy. Sugary drinks like juice and soda are loaded with calories and loaded with sugar. So although you might have energy initially, that tends to taper off after a few hours. If you feel like you need the caffeine, choose black coffee or unsweetened tea for a great source of energy but save on those calories.

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