5 Ways to Exercise Outside Smarter…Not Harder

March 6, 2017

5 Ways to Exercise Outside Smarter…Not Harder

If you are anything like me, the warmer weather has you wanting to get outside! Why not get the best of both worlds, soak up some vitamin D while getting in your daily workout?

But wait – how can you possibly exercise with your kids tagging along?  Bring them along!  Show kids the importance of an active lifestyle and lead by example.  Plus, they make great cheerleaders and might wear out just before nap time.

Outdoor Exercise Ideas that are Kid-Friendly

  • Family Walks: Make it a scavenger hunt or try new trails.  Littles can ride in a stroller or hiking pack.
  • Obstacle Course: Visit a park and make a challenge course.
  • Outdoor yoga: Enjoy morning yoga or tai chi on the patio.
  • Invest in bikes: try riding around town or your favorite lake.  Littles can ride in a pull behind or ride their own bikes beside you.
  • Use the outdoors as your fitness equipment:
    • Use benches for: squats, step-ups, push-ups, planks
    • Playground turned gym: pull-ups, lunges, stairs, mountain climbers, tricep dips
    • School Track: circuits, stairs, interval training, hurdles
  • Find yourself waiting at a 2 hour soccer practice: Walk around the complex or run stairs

The great outdoors are the perfect place for exercise! Don’t let kids be the barrier to exercise.  Let them keep you accountable and be a part of your success.  Demonstrating healthy habits shows the importance of self-care to our children.  Now get outside and get moving!

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