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How to Help Teens Cope with Trauma

January 7, 2011


How to Help Teens Cope with Trauma

Shock. Fear. Anguish. Sorrow.

Those are just a few of the emotions that have surged through our community over the past few days. For anyone not familiar – a 17-year-old gunman opened fire in the office of a local high school, killing the assistant principal and wounding the principal, before fleeing and turning the gun on himself.

But again, those are only a few of the emotions.

Our community has also been overwhelmed with a sense of pride and, above all else, love. In the aftermath of the shooting, the school has been inundated with prayers, well wishes and countless words of encouragement.

CHI Health, as an organization, has also done what we can to help students and staff who are just now beginning the long road to recovery. The following is one part of a video Q&A in which Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Gina Oliveto, MD addresses the need for parents to talk to their kids about what happened and offers tips for families trying to cope with any traumatic situation.


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