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How to Save Calories Without Sacrificing Taste

November 27, 2019

How to Save Calories Without Sacrificing Taste

Today, we’re talking about making modifications to recipes you know and love that can save you calories.

How to Lower Calories in Your Favorite Dishes

Something important to keep in mind is you will have to make adjustments your favorite recipes, but you don’t have to sacrifice taste.


If you’re going to a party and chips and dip is your favorite go-to, try bringing a raw vegetable tray with hummus as your dip. By doing this you can also increase the protein and nutrition quality.

Main Course

If lasagna is your family favorite, try substituting whole wheat noodles and low fat turkey into the recipe. You’ll increase the fiber, as well as reduce the fat by switching from beef to turkey.


If ice cream is your favorite, and you normally would get a cherry chocolate malt, try doing fresh berries paired with dark chocolate chips! You’ll drastically cut the calories, but you’ll get an antioxidant boost from the fruit.

For more ways to eat healthy and lower calories, please learn more about our CHI Health Nutrition Services.

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