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Jeanie’s Story

September 16, 2009


Jeanie’s Story

During a routine visit, Jeanie’s primary care physician, Dr. Eirinberg, reminded her that she was overdue for a mammogram. Jeanie replied that she was just too busy. He quickly rebutted, “It’s 30 minutes out of your life, Jeanie.” Jeanie made the appointment and was later diagnosed with breast cancer. After interviewing doctors and surgeons, Jeanie’s biggest priority was to have a team of doctors who would communicate with her primary physician and each other to ensure the best possible care. After a lumpectomy and 7 weeks of radiation, Jeanie beat the cancer. She found new inspiration in art, a lifelong passion of hers. She kept a journal and sketchbook throughout her treatment to record her thoughts and feelings. She was recently invited to participate in CHI Health’s Cast to Recovery retreat at the St. Benedict Center in Schuyler, Nebraska. The program unites women recovering from breast cancer surgery and treatment. It teaches the art of fly fishing which helps build up the muscles that are damaged during breast-related surgeries. Jeanie continues to meet with her doctors regularly to manage her health. She is active as a basketball coach for her 10-year-old son; a CCD teacher at her church and as an artist in the community.

  1. Kaan

    Girl! How scary! I have had a few breast bieopiss so not fun I just got my BRCA testing done (my mom died of breast ca at age 40 and her sister is currently going thru treatment for breast ca) and I am negative! I am still at risk, but never miss a mammo!!! So glad you are negative xoxo

  2. Colette Carpenter

    Jeanne, I have been hearing your story on the radio and thinking of you, so when I heard today that I could read your story at this site, I thought I would check it out. I'm so sorry you had to go through all of this, but am thankful you did make time for that mammogram! You always seem so in control of yourself that I'm sure this was hard for you. I wish you happy, healthy days ahead! Take care. Colette

  3. Amanda

    So true. My Mom was getting a physical so she could be released to come back to work after knee replacement surgery. Her doctor noted she hadn't had a mammo in 2 years, and said, why don't we just go ahead and take care of that now. Eight years later, she is a survivor of IIIB lobular carcinoma. Because of her mammogram and successful treatment, she's had the opportunity to embark on a new dimension in her teaching career, has seen her children build their households, and been the adopted mother figure of many in her family. These extra years with her have been a blessing.

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