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Joyce’s Story

September 17, 2009


Joyce’s Story

Joyce had never really performed breast self-exams, even though she knew she should. One day she noticed a lump on her breast. After a visit with her doctor, she was scheduled for a mammogram and biopsy. Less than 48 hours later, her doctor called. Joyce was at the grocery store at the time, and requested to receive the results right away. The doctor told her that she had cancer and she later learned it was Stage 3 breast cancer.

Joyce felt very strongly about her responsibility to be informed about her treatment options, and did a lot of her own research. Joyce had read about TomoTherapy in her research. Joyce’s hairdresser gave her a business card from one of his other clients, Dr. Keit, a radiation oncologist at CHI Health. When Joyce and Dr. Keit finally met, Dr. Keit confirmed that TomoTherapy was a great option for treating Joyce’s case.

When Joyce started chemotherapy, her husband helped her shave her head. She went to the CHI Health Renewed Hope Boutique to find wigs that made her feel more like herself.

Today, Joyce serves on the Patient Advisory Board at CHI Health as a way to help continually look at cancer treatment and how to make it better for the patient. She also encourages others to take the time for preventive care.

Joyce now focuses on slowing down to enjoy her life, and has taken up boot camp workouts and jogging. She credits her husband, son, friends, family and her church for support throughout her recovery.

  1. Amy Matthews (Ms Amy)

    Hello Joyce, I really miss working with Jaden at Lapetite. i hope you and your family are doing well and your prayers are always with me. If you need anything at all please don't be afraid to ask. Tell Jaden hi and i miss him. (Ms Amy)

  2. Jocelyn Langford

    This video inspired me in a way that i cannot explain because now when i think that i am going through a rough time all i am going to do is think about you and how you are a survival of a cancer that usually ends in death for many people. i just thank God that you are healed and that you fought your way through this time and for that i look up to you. i love you Your niece, Jocelyn Langford

  3. Brenda Hamon

    Joyce, you are such an encouragement to us all. I admire your inspiration and steadfastness in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. You have endured a giant of a fight and won. Praise God for your Life Health and Strength. Continue to be you and enjoy your life the Good Lord has prepared for you. Love you, Brenda

  4. Kathy Sherrod

    Hey Joyce, It was great being able to hear your story directly from you. Hearing your story truly encouraged me and I want to thank you for sharing it. God is so amazing! God bless you, Troy and Jaden! Love Ya!

  5. Joyce Brown

    Hi Joyce, I was so moved by your faith and courage during your ordeal. I am glad things have turned out so well for you and your family. Not only did your 'giant fall', but you are doing something to help others with their giants. May God continually bless you to bless others! Sincerely, Joyce B.

  6. Shani Jones

    Hi Joyce, I think I did your hair for you while you were going through chemo therapy. I made the quick weave caps for you. I'm so glad to hear that you are doing well. My mother is now in stage 4 breast cancer that has metastasized to her lungs. Spiritually she is doing good, she's just geeting a little tired ,physically . They have increased her meds and are doing a "more aggressive" form of chemo. Your story is very encourageing and I would like to thank you for sharing. God bless you and my prayers are continually with you!

  7. Joyce

    Thanks to all who have responded to my blog. I wish you all continued health, wealth and prosperity. God bless you. Joyce

  8. Joyce

    Shani, it's good to hear from you. I wish your mother the best and pray for a healing and annointing on your mother. God bless you.

  9. Sandy Curlis

    I went in for a routine Mammogram In April 1999, Then My doctor called about a week later telling me they saw something they wanted to re look at on my Mammogram, I had another Mammogram done at Midlands Hospital,They took 5 pictures from diffrent angles,The Radiologist Mike came in and told me there was calsfications and I would need to have a Needle Biospy done Immediately I felt very Sick at that point, On Monday I had a biospy done at Bergan Mercy I was at work on Wednesday when the doctor called and told me it was cancer. I felt like a brick had just hit me between the eyes. I guess you really never expect to hear those words. My Boys took the News very hard although they knew they had to stay strong for me and they did, My husband and Family were very supportive during this difficult time. I saw my Surgeon Alan Campbell on Tuesday May 2nd had a Bilateral Mascomtomy on May 6th found out my cancer was a stage 0 to 1. Went home on May 7th because it was Mothers Day Weekend, I was very lucky not to have chemo or radiation. I have now been cancer free for 10 years praise God for this. It really does change your life forever,I am so very glad that I have been able to comfort and help other women who have been digonosed with Breast Cancer when you have been through it yourself you know exactly how they feel.I got excellent care at Alegent, I was very thankful for all of Dr Campbells help and support through my recovery he and the staff at Alegent were just awesome people who really do care. Sandy Curlis

  10. ginae smith

    joyce - it's been a while! i'm glad to hear that you are doing well! you've been in my thoughts & prayers since someone at the farm told me you had breast cancer. been thinking about you & i was happy to read you are on the board -- you are an amazing woman & i know you can bring great things to the board!

  11. Leslie Babendir

    I found out after a regulary scheduled mammogram in May that I needed a biopsy... I had the biopsy done at Lakeside on May 28th.. On May 29th in the morning I found out my results... Breast Cancer... It was caught very, very early.. I was able to get in the same day of diagnosis to see the surgeon Dr. Tom White.. Had lumpectomy done June 9th at Lakeside Hospital.. Then starting on July 13th for the next six and a half weeks I had my radiation treatments at Immanuel Hospital.. My oncologist/radiologist is Dr. Keit . I am doing well . I want to express how wonderful all the doctors and techs have been throughout ....... Leslie Babendir

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