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Woman caring about her feet and putting hydrating cream on it

May Your Feet Take You Where Your Heart Wants to Go!

By Luris De Calero, MD July 28, 2021 Posted in: Wellness

Feet are a fun, humble and grateful part of our body and if they are treated well, you can count on them to work tirelessly every day for walking, running, standing or dancing.

We have 26 bones in each foot, 33 joints, 19 muscles and 107 ligaments! The nerves in your feet are likely the most ticklish part of your body. The muscles and ligaments are well designed to absorb the shock when walking or jogging.

Our feet reflect our general health. Many health conditions affect our feet, sometimes lifelong.

During summer, special care has to be placed to have feet that can perform all the activities with no pain.

Here are some basic rules to follow to have healthy and happy feet in summertime:

  1. Good Hygiene. Wash each foot with soap and water during your regular bathing. Dry completely focusing in the area between the toes to avoid moisture that can favor fungal growth.
  2. Gently use an exfoliating scrub or a pumice stone to clean the surface of dead cells and callouses.
  3. Use a moisturizing foot cream as a routine every night, but avoid moisturizing between the toes.
  4. Always check your feet for sores, blisters, callus, or redness or cracking between the toes and visit your doctor as soon as possible if you find any abnormality.
  5. Wear shoes that fit well. Avoid flip flops if you are diabetic or have other condition that affect your joints and feet.
  6. Never walk barefoot in hot ground especially if you are diabetic.
  7. Visit your Primary Care Provider if you have any concerns related to the health of your feet.

Enjoy your summer with Happy Feet!

Luris De Calero, MD
Luris De Calero, MD

Dr. Luris De Calero is a Family Medicine provider with CHI Health Advanced Wound Care.

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