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Mindful Eating

"I don't have enough willpower to lose weight."  Have you ever heard anyone say this phrase, or have you said it yourself?  We tend to blame ourselves for not having enough self-control to lose weight.  Instead of trying to be in control, have you thought of being in charge?  Michelle May, M.D., explores this concept and more in her book Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat.  Her book is about the mindful eating cycle that consists of six stages that answer six main questions.

Why? Why do I eat?  In other words, what is driving my eating cycle at any given time?

When? When do I want to eat?  When do I think about eating?  When do I decide to eat?

What? What do I eat?  What do I choose from all of the available options?

How? How do I eat?  How, specifically, do I get the food I've chose into my body?

How much? How much do I eat?  How much fuel do I consume?

Where? Where do I invest my energy?  That is, where does the fuel I've consumed go?

By looking at the answers to these questions you can be in charge of what you eat.  Being "in charge" doesn't mean that you will eat perfectly all the time, but it is a part of a mindful eating plan.  You can go online to to get more information on how to be more mindful of your food choices.

CHI Health Weight Management Team
CHI Health Weight Management Team

These blogs were written by the CHI Health Weight Management Team.

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