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Medical supplies

What To Do About Prescription Medical Supplies

When your doctor prescribes medicine, you know where to go. But what about when you get a prescription for medical supplies?

If I Need Medical Supplies, Where Do I Go?

Most people don’t know what to do with a prescription for medical supplies or if their insurance will cover it. Referred to as health care materials ordered or prescribed by a physician, primarily used to serve a purpose, Some traditional pharmacies can dispense these items. And others have specific Medical Supply Departments.

CHI Health Pharmacies have an entire department dedicated to just that! CHI Health RX Supplies is committed to ensuring patients are able to get the medical supplies they need.

We Specialize in Patients Who Need the Following:

  • Ostomy
  • Catheters or urological
  • Nutritional
  • Incontinence
  • Wound care
  • Diabetic supplies

Does My Insurance Cover Medical Supplies?

Let’s be honest, health insurance can be complicated. It’s true that some insurances cover some medical supplies and not others. And there are different requirements and documentation needed. But CHI Health Pharmacy Supplies has a whole team of people who will do that work for you. We will verify coverage with your insurance and obtain any documentation needed directly from your doctor. We are here to help you!

How Do I Contact You?

The next time you get a medical supply prescription or if you’re currently privately paying for those supplies you think insurance might cover, let us help you!

You can call us at (402) 717-2640, or email an inquiry to [email protected], or your doctor can fax the prescription directly to us at (402) 717-0195.

We know many patients already use our many convenient CHI Pharmacies, so if you do go in to pick up a prescription medication with a prescription for the supplies, they can reach out to us for you. We are all part of the CHI family and work closely together to meet all of your prescription needs.

How Will I Get My Medical Supplies?

We drop-ship supplies directly to your home via FedEx or UPS. You don’t need to be home to receive most items and most packages will arrive within 2-3 business days of us placing the order. Refills can be managed by request or we can contact you or auto-ship, when appropriate. We know life is busy enough, our goal is to make getting your supplies as easy as possible.

Learn more about the benefits of CHI Health Pharmacies.

Sarah Fitzgerald, RX Supplies Customer Support
Sarah Fitzgerald, RX Supplies Customer Support

Sarah Fitzgerald, RX Supplies Customer Support with CHI Health Pharmacy.

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