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Self-Check for Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer of younger men between age 30-34, and it’s the most common cancer in men. However, 6% of testicular cancers do occur in children and teens, and 7% occur in people over 55. But, it's still a good idea to do a self-check which is a really easy and free way to screen yourself for cancer that is very curable, especially if caught early.

How to Do a Self-Exam

So when you're doing a self exam, it's really simple and usually you're in the shower so everything is accessible. What I recommend is placing two fingers underneath, and then just roll the testicle around in your finger. You don't have to squeeze, and it doesn't have to be painful at all, but things you want to feel and watch out for include:

  • Any lumps or bumps or new growths
  • Any asymmetry where one is bigger than the other
  • Something that's changed over the course of the last month

You want to be sure to check both of them thoroughly. You want to be sure to roll it all the way around so that you can feel you know the full surface of the testicle; it is basically the men's version of the breast exam that women have to do every month. A once a month self-check if you pay attention to what you're doing should be adequate. It is very simple self-check that can possibly save your life.

For more questions, reach out to your Primary Care provider.

Carlos Prendes, MD
Carlos Prendes, MD

Carlos Prendes, MD is a Family Medicine Provider at CHI Health.

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