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Golfers Showing Signs of Tennis Elbow

June 28, 2018

Golfers Showing Signs of Tennis Elbow

Did you know more golfers suffer from tennis elbow than golf elbow? In fact, only 5% of all cases are actually related to tennis. Any repetitive motion or overuse of the arm, forearm, or hand muscles, can result in a painful golf swing. Tendinitis in the elbows most often occurs in the dominant arm of men ages 30 to 50.

What are the Symptoms of Tennis Elbow?

The main indicators that you are suffering from tendinitis in the elbow include:

  • Pain slowly increasing around the outside of the elbow
  • When shaking hands or squeezing objects, the pain gets worse
  • The pain is made worse by stabilizing or moving the wrist with force

What Can Cause Tennis Elbow?

When it comes to repetitious activities, such as golf or tennis, there are several other minimal things that can cause tendinitis.

Some Causes include:

  • Lifting
  • Using tools
  • Opening jars
  • Handling simple utensils such as a toothbrush, knife or fork

How is it Treated?

A few things golfers can do to help with tendinitis of the elbow are:

  • Resting the injured tendon
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Promoting muscle strength
  • Adopting proper swing mechanics

If you think you have golf related tennis elbow, please make an appointment to see your doctor. If you do not have a doctor, please visit our provider match tool and take the quiz.

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