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Sneak peek at our new campaign

By CHI Health October 18, 2010 Posted in: Heart Health


Today’s a big day here at CHI Health! We’re rolling out a new marketing campaign to let everyone know about our extended hours. As you’ll soon hear on the radio or see on TV, billboards and in local newspapers, our doctors get up early, stay late and even come in on their Saturdays to make sure they’re available at a time that fits YOUR schedule.

Typically when we have a new campaign, we just roll it out without really telling anyone about it … because why tell everyone about what we’re just going to tell them in the campaign, right? But this time we wanted to try something a little different. We decided to give all of our loyal Facebook fans and blog readers (you are all loyal, aren’t you?) a preview of the campaign as well as a little insider information about the doctors we’re featuring in it.

Your first look at the campaign

Now, while we’d like to put each and every one of our physicians on television, it’s pretty much impossible to accomplish logistically. Instead, we chose one of our stand-out physicians, Dr. Misty Janssen, to step into the spotlight.

As you can probably tell, Dr. Janssen is a natural in front of the camera. We like to believe that she could have easily chosen the bright lights of Hollywood over the bright lights of a clinic exam room any day – but she just couldn’t escape the draw of caring for families and helping people to improve their health (which we are grateful for)!

The Fremont native is a board-certified family physician with CHI Health Clinic at Maple Hills. She received her medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, followed by an accelerated residency in family practice and a rural family practice procedural fellowship. She then spent some time working back home at a clinic in Fremont before joining the CHI Health Clinic family a little less than a year ago.

Now you’ve seen her acting skills in our upcoming TV spot, but we want to give you a chance to hear more about Dr. Janssen, in her own words. Take a look:

Of course, what good would this post be if we simply introduce you to Dr. Janssen and show you the commercial, but don’t tell you about her extended hours … the whole point of the campaign!?

CHI Health
CHI Health

These blogs were written by various members of the CHI Health care teams.

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