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Stretches Before You Golf

June 28, 2018

Stretches Before You Golf

Did you know back pain is the second most frequent reason people visit their family physician? Don’t let a sore back keep you in a clubhouse this summer. Stretching can help improve your range of motion by up to 17% in your golf swing.

Some stretches you can do to loosen up your body before you take that first swing are:

  • Hold a golf club behind your neck and shoulders, then rotate your torso
  • Hold the golf club at your lower back, then lean backward
  • Pull your knee to your chest
  • Bend over trying to touch your toes

Walking, rather than using a cart, is great exercise. But remember, bending over repeatedly to pick up your golf bag can really tee off your back. Think about investing in a standing bag and/or a pull cart.

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