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Thank You Dr. Dunning

February 2, 2010


Thank You Dr. Dunning

My Compliments to “Triple D” (Dr. Douglas Dunning) and his phenomenal nurse, Rhonda! Our entire family has been patients of Dr. Dunning for close to ten years. We’ve been so happy with their services that I have called to give Triple D and Rhonda a pat on the back several times a year.  I am so happy that this website is now available to give our doctors and health care workers a shout out loud for the whole public to hear!

I want Dr. Dunning and Rhonda to know that my family appreciates them and all they do for us, and other families, too.  It is such a great feeling to be able to go to your doctor’s office and feel comfortable knowing you’re getting the best care each and every visit. Dr. Dunning always takes the time to answer any questions we may have. He always lets us know there is never any stupid question.

His nurse, Rhonda, is such a beautiful and compassionate person. Rhonda was our nurse prior to Dr. Dunning joining the office ten years ago. Rhonda has always promptly returned our phone calls, explained test results; and lets face it, Rhonda is Dr. Dunning’s third and fourth arm and on some days…..his third leg to stand on.

I want Lakeside to give a big shout out loud to Dr. Douglas Dunning and his nurse Rhonda, because they are very professional, caring, and great people.

I want people to know that all too often all you hear about are the horror Patient Stories about doctors. Turn your Patient Stories into corrective criticism when calling in. No one is infallible. The reason I am saying this, is because sometimes I hear people complain in the waiting room that it’s taking too long. Take a deep breath, relax, know that you will get your turn too. Health care workers are a special kind people. I am sure if people take the time to talk to their doctor and/or nurse, they will find out their patient/doctor relationship would be stronger.

When my family has an appointment with Dr. Dunning, we write down any questions we have on a piece of paper, so that during our appointment, we get answers to the questions we have.  It’s very important to me not to waste my time, or the doctor’s time.  All of our questions are addressed to our satisfaction before we leave the office.  Dr. Dunning and Rhonda always take the time necessary to give our family peace of mind with all of our medical concerns.
They’re a great team. Polite, Professional and Personable.

They have seen our family through laughter, tears, boo boo’s, stitches, runny noses, coughs – due to colds, shots, aches, pains, x-ray’s and more.

Do you know how big my sticker collection is ?????

Thank You from the Robbins-Bolter Family

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