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Thank You for Saving My Life

October 8, 2009


Thank You for Saving My Life

Diagnosed with a very serious antibiotic-resistant infection, Debe Soule was given only a twenty percent chance of survival when she arrived at Lakeside Hospital. Throughout her lengthy stay, Debe’s family tirelessly stayed by her side – day and night – while her physicians collaborated to ensure that she received the best treatment possible.  While she battled for her life, Debe’s grandchildren visited her daily where they watched Sesame Street from her post intensive-care bed. To Debe, it was crucial to have her family and friends present and she is thankful to the staff at Lakeside for allowing her healing-environment to be uniquely her own – one that was perfect for Debe and allowed her to make a complete recovery.

Debe has been in an out of hospitals all of her life and she has never encountered a hospital as unique and extraordinary as Lakeside.  From the dietary employee who made Debe a smoothie when nothing else sounded appetizing to the ICU nurses who were dedicated to providing a personalized healing environment, Debe said that “they went above and beyond anything she could ever expected.”

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