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The Big Squeeze

October 14, 2010


The Big Squeeze

Anytime I register a patient who questions whether she needs to have a mammogram every year, I share my mom’s story.  After having a mammogram at age 70, her family doctor told her the “funny area” was probably just fibrocystic tissue, but she could get a second opinion if she wanted.  He did not order further tests for her, even though she had never previously been told in 70 years that she had fibrocystic breast tissue.  Two years later when her tumor was discovered, it was in the exact same location as that “funny area”.  Unfortunately, the cancer had already made it to her bone marrow so she could not be cured.  Even though the “big squeeze” can be uncomfortable it is so very important to have a mammogram every year and to follow up on anything abnormal.  It could definitely save your life!


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