Why Should I see a Family Medicine Provider?

February 19, 2019

Why Should I see a Family Medicine Provider?

What is the Difference Between Family Practice and General Practice?

The difference between family practice and general practice is that, with family medicine, we really focus on the entire family. We focus on a patient-centered medical home aspect to where we are covering all aspects of your care. I also feel passion about being the quarterback of your healthcare team helping to coordinate all your specialists as well as any physical therapy, occupational therapy, or inpatient stays that you may have.

Who do Family Medicine Doctors Treat?

These doctors treat all different ages of patients all the way from newborns, through childhood, adolescence, through adulthood, and into the geriatric age group. We also deliver babies of low risks of spectacle patients. We also have a big focus on adult patients with their chronic medical issues and healthcare maintenance issues.

Why Should you see a Family Medicine Doctor?

One of the biggest advantages of seeing a family physician, for your healthcare needs, is that we can take care of the entire family, all the way from birth through childhood as well as into adulthood and into geriatric age group.

A relationship with a family medicine doctor is important because we can get to know the entire family. This may become important with different aspects of your past medical history through your parents and grandparents; that a lot of times we may take care of as well.

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