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Year End Summary

By Eric Van De Graaff, MD February 01, 2010 Posted in: Heart Health

This week marks the one-year anniversary of this cardiology blog. Now that 2009 has come to an end I’d like to take this opportunity to summarize the best pieces of the previous 52 weeks. It seems every other publication from Time magazine to Mad magazine allows themselves the luxury of taking a week off by recycling a year’s worth of previous material, so I figure “Why not do the same?”

Below you’ll find links to all sorts of useful information and answers to nearly every important question in the world of cardiology.

Does elective coronary stenting decrease your chance of a future heart attack?  See the entry from February 18.

What’s the best dose of aspirin for you?  June 22

Are women more or less prone to strokes than men and how do they fare when they suffer a stroke?  February 11

What causes palpitations in healthy people?  August 24

What does “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR) mean and how does it affect end-of-life care in the hospital setting? March 2

What are the best internet sites for medical information?  December 7

What do you do if you have symptoms that no one can figure out?  October 19

What can you conclude if you have chest pain that is relieved in the emergency room with a dose of nitroglycerin?  April 6

Do we really use rat poison to prevent strokes in humans? February 23

Is marathon running dangerous?  October 26

What kind of influence do drug companies have on our prescribing practices? May 11

Should someone with heart problems get the flu shot?  October 5

How much sedation are you really going to get with that medical procedure?  May 18

What constitutes adequate exercise for your heart?  May 26

What’s the latest thing in cardiac imaging and what are the risks?  November 23 and January 11

What are the treatment options for atrial fibrillation?  December 21

How can you best prepare for your next visit with your doctor so that your important questions will get answered?  March 23

Should you limit your peak heart rate when you exercise?  June 1

What are the characteristics of a good doctor?  September 14

How important is quitting smoking? August 10.  What’s the latest on smoking cessation products?  July 13

How useful is it to ask your surgeon how many times he or she has performed the procedure you’re scheduled to have? April 20

How can you stay in good shape as you age?  August 3 and September 28

What can you and your doctor do to cut your pharmacy expenses?  August 17

What’s the latest on the defibrillator ex-president George Bush received to protect his heart from the trauma of his pending divorce?  Oh, wait.  That wasn’t my blog.  That little pearl of scientific insight comes from The Globe.  No wonder their readership is bigger than mine.

Eric Van De Graaff, MD
Eric Van De Graaff, MD

Eric Van De Graaff, MD is a Heart & Vascular Specialist at CHI Health Clinic.

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