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Can Diet and Exercise Help Menopause?

January 23, 2019

Can Diet and Exercise Help Menopause?

Thank you for even wanting to diet and exercise for weight loss. I think that there is no surprise that diet and exercise are the keys to health. But, some people have a misconception of what adequate diet and adequate exercise is.

Proper Nutrition is Important for Overall Health

The standard American diet is not the way we should be eating. There are different food plans that are needed for different medical problems and in my mind it all starts with nutrition. If you’re not well rested, not taking care of yourself, or not balanced hormonally, then you’re running an uphill battle. I defiantly have some suggestions for us about what a good meal plan is – I didn’t say diet, diet is not calorie restriction.

Exercise Can Keep Your Body in Balance During Menopause

We need to shake it up and make exercise part of our routines. We need to stop doing what you’ve always been doing and do something different. Additionally I can also help you hormonally keep things in sync. I think it’s a misconception that hormonal-replacement-therapy or hormonal-manipulation makes you gain weight. It is exactly the opposite, it will help you maintain muscle mass, it will help you lose fat mass, it will get you back on the road for health but nutrition absolutely starts first, come see me and we’ll talk about it.

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