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Celebrate National Women's Health Week and Commit to Keeping Yourself Healthy

By Eduardo Herrera, MD April 19, 2019 Posted in: Women's Health

Hi, I’m Dr. Eduardo Herrera, this week we're celebrating National Women's Health week and I would like to invite all women to make your health a priority.

If you haven't done it yet, visit your doctor for your Well-Woman checkup. This is a very important step to gain control of your health. Make sure that you're up to date with all your screenings and even address with your provider any health issues that might have come up this past year.

Get Active During National Women's Health Week

Get active! Exercise. Eat healthy. You don't have to run a marathon. With only 30 minutes of working out three or four times a week you are already taking important steps to improve or maintain your health.

Keep an eye on your mental health as well. Make sure that you're getting enough sleep most nights and that you're being able to keep up with stress in life.

Avoid unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, excessive drinking, texting while driving or even not wearing your seat belt. These simple steps are the main ingredients for a lifetime of good health. They can help you achieve your optimal health and at the same time prevent conditions that might shorten your life.

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to make an appointment with us or just call the clinic at (402) 733-4433.

Vea el video de Dr. Herrera en Español

Eduardo Herrera, MD
Eduardo Herrera, MD

Eduardo Herrera Lirio, MD is an OB-GYN physician at CHI Health.

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