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CHI Health’s Mission in Tanzania

June 11, 2018


CHI Health’s Mission in Tanzania

CHI Health’s mission calls us to pay special attention to the poor and those otherwise lacking adequate healthcare.

Since 2001, we have operated a health ministry in the Kilimanjaro area of Tanzania, East Africa. Our long term constant presence has allowed us to effectively choose the projects we take on and be successful in achieving meaningful results. In partnership with the Diocese there, we have supported major projects involving palliative care, creating/building of the Machame Orthopedic Surgical Center and the Machame Hospital School of Nursing. Staff across CHI Health have joined in this mission by voluntarily supporting Tanzania nursing students.

Another project is the building of small, dry, safe houses for the extreme poor who have health conditions made worse by abysmal shelter. Our Houses for Health program, also funded by donations, has completed homes for 138 families so far. Says CHI Health representative living and leading the work in Tanzania, Bob Kasworm: “An exciting thing about working here is how very much can be accomplish and so many can be helped ….with only a modest investment.”

This February, a small group of CHI leaders, as well as front line staff, led by COO Kathy Bressler, had the opportunity to visit, learn, and better understand our mission in Tanzania. A highlight was the laying of a cornerstone and a blessing of a new classroom block under construction for the nursing school.


  1. Leslie

    Hi Cindy. We've passed on your message to the appropriate person. Thanks!

  2. Cindy Hadenfeldt

    Bob - This is Cindy Hadenfeldt from Creighton University College of Nursing. We would very much like to bring health professions students (nursing especially) to Tanzania next summer to learn and serve if there is anything we could do to help. I'm not sure who is organizing trips at CHI. Could you connect me with them so that we could work towards this? Thanks! CIndy

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