4 Excuses People Use to Get Out of a Colonoscopy

November 29, 2019

4 Excuses People Use to Get Out of a Colonoscopy

Hello, I’m Dr. Bob Kizer, a gastroenterologist with CHI Health and today, I’m here to talk to you about a subject dear to my heart and dear to your colon; screening colonoscopies.

Why is a Colonoscopy Important?

Colon cancer is the number two killer of men and women in the United States. We know, though, by screening for colon cancer we can dramatically reduce your chances of developing or dying from colon cancer.

What is a Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a procedure in which we insert a thin tube into your colon looking for polyps. Polyps are small growths that in time can turn into cancer. But if we see the polyps, we remove them and then they don’t turn into cancer.

The procedure is safe, comfortable and brief; lasting only for about 30 minutes.

Why Do People Put Off Their Colonoscopy?

I hear a lot of excuses and I’d like to talk to you, today, about some of the biggest excuses I get.

#1: “I’m worried it will be painful.”

At CHI Health, we provide excellent anesthesia to all those undergoing a colonoscopy. Anesthesia is the medicine that makes you sleepy, forgetful and unaware of the procedure. It is generally administered by an anesthesia staff, somebody who’s dedicated to keeping you healthy and comfortable while I can do a high-quality colonoscopy.

We can almost guarantee that the procedure will be virtually pain-free.

#2: “I don’t want to drink all that ‘stuff.'”

To prepare you for a colonoscopy, we need to clean out your colon. We just have, too. I know what poop looks like, but I need to know what your colon looks like.

A few years ago, to prepare for colonoscopy patients would have to drink a gallon of medicine called GoLytely. It tasted like a syrupy, salty Gatorade. It was a big gallon jug that would often bloat people, make them very nauseated and it tasted terrible.

Well, thankfully we’ve come a long way! The preparations we offer today have less volume, taste a lot better, there generally administered in two separate doses to reduce and almost eliminate any bloating and nausea.

Now, you’re still going to have diarrhea, there’s no way around that. Unless, you’ve invented some kind of poop teleport-er and if you have please let me know because I would love to invest early.

#3: “I am worried I’ll make a fool of myself under anesthesia.”

Honestly, this just doesn’t happen. When you’re sedated, you’re asleep. You’re not talking and the sedation doesn’t flip you into some crazy bachelor party mode.

As exciting and more interesting as it would make my day, I’ve never heard any wild stories once people get sedated. It just doesn’t happen.

#4: “I don’t want to be embarrassed.”

It’s not everyday that you show your backside to a bunch of strangers or at least I hope it’s not everyday. But keep in mind that those of us that perform an assist with colonoscopy are professionals. This is what we do all day, everyday and we will work our best to be professional  and comforting to make sure you are treated with the dignity you deserve.

Any more excuses? I’m happy to hear them and hope to dispel them, please tell all your loved ones and friends no more excuses. It’s time to get screen!

I hope this helps in your health choices, please look for more videos to come. Until next time, it’s your health, but I’m here to help you keep it. CHI Health can help you get your colonoscopy scheduled.

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