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May 22, 2012


They say all good things must come to an end.

Such wisdom probably counts for mediocre things, too.

This represents my final submission to the CHI Health Cardiology Blog and I’d like to occupy some electrons on your computer screen to thank all the people who’ve helped me with my writing along the way.

My gratitude goes out to CHI Health for allowing me to have a voice for my opinions.  It’s not everywhere you’d find a large organization that provides blanket permission for an individual to spout off week after week.  I thank, in particular, the web and marketing team for their vigilant assistance in keeping up the blog for these past three and a half years.

My family has been patient with me and I’m grateful.  I appreciate the input and occasional mockery of my siblings as they’ve offered themselves as sounding boards for my more off-the-wall ideas.  Thanks to the partners and staff in my cardiology practice who’ve supported my writing even though many (who am I kidding?–perhaps all) of them think I’m a little crazy.

Finally, I need to express gratitude to you, my readers, for all the time you wasted scanning my weekly submissions.  I can’t tell you how much it meant to me every time one of you pulled me aside to comment on how much you enjoyed a particular blog.  For me the most rewarding aspect of my writing has been hearing from people who made changes to their lives as a result of something of mine they’d read.  Just last week a patient recounted, with tears in her eyes, how much better she feels and happier she is after taking to heart some of the recommendations I put in a blog a year or so ago.  As a doctor I couldn’t ask for anything more.

I’m not leaving my practice or quitting doctoring or abandoning Omaha, just putting an end to the habit of posting my thoughts on the internet.  Once again I appreciate your allowing me to do it as long as I did.

Take care of yourself, stay healthy, and keep being happy!

Dr. Van De Graaff

  1. doris van de graaff cobb

    i am happy to say i have certainly been educated and enjoyed the wonderful ways you have of talking about health issues... thanks so much...i have many of the health problems you have addressed and i hope to take some of the advise you have given....i'm 77 years old and i really need to change my ways so as to be with my husband and family a little longer. wish i lived closer cause i will need a good heart doc someday.. take care and thanks again for all your teaching and encouragement......Doris

  2. Kristen

    I LOVED reading your blogs! I looked forward to them every week! You could always change your mind :)

  3. "pre"

    Scharzenegger said, "I'll be back" ...I hope too, that you will return someday to your blogging ways. I predict after a time you will return tan, rested and ready to go...I learned some things, and laughed a lot...great job.

  4. jane

    Goodbye Eric. Years ago I was walking through the slum of a third world country and I smelled something really disgusting and I remember something that you asked me. You asked, "Do you know that whenever you smell something gross an actual particle of that disgusting thing is in your nose?" That thought came to my mind so I tried not to inhale. Funny the things people teach us.....Sometimes we come so attached to learning it's hard to say goodbye to someone we think knows more than we do. I also remember learning about the theory of evolution from you. You explained it in terms of grass....and the way grass grows. It was fascinating as I had never been taught of evolution or Charles Darwin. You looked at me like I was from space because I did not know who he was. Things have changed and now I have discovered the university bookstore and I love life and learning. Charles Darwin is one of my very favorite people....He once said something to the effect that "It is not the smartest or the fittest who survive, but it is those who are most adaptable to change."

  5. Joel

    I sure am going to miss reading your blogs. It was the first thing I did when I got off work on Mondays. If you ever feel the aching to write another entry in the blog at anytime, feel free to write one and send it to me via email and I'll happy to read it.

  6. cheryl v

    I can't believe you are hanging up this towel! One thing that all your readers can be sure of is you will fill the time you took with the blog with something equally as fulfilling to both you and the public that you serve! Cheryl and Ava

  7. Lori Mc

    Thank you for your humor and insight! I've enjoyed all of your posts! And actually have taken some action for my health! Best wishes in the future!

  8. John and Judy Willoz

    I have looked at many blogs, websites and other wasteful uses of the Internet. Never have I found any other one that has such valuable information, in such a well written and humorous manner that I would read it religiously. Since discovering yours while working the Welcome desk I have been a faithful reader, even going back over your past posts. Thank you so much for one of the most enjoyable, interesting sites on the 'Net. Best wishes and see you around Midlands.

  9. sue philbin

    Suep says: Your blogs were very informative, easy to read, and hit the head on the nail for many I am sure of why we aren't doing the behaviors we should be doing. And motivating us to want to do the behaviors we should. I would like to acknowledge the time, energy,humor and commitment that you gave to each of us, your readers. I am in hopes that you miss writing the blog and you write a quarterly or at least have a sequel. How else will we keep up with your siblings antics or running marathon adventures? I feel that through these blogs, I will be a better informed patient, and that if I follow your recommendations, I might avoid being a patient, but truly know who to call if a health issue should arrive. Thanks for your commitment to people.

  10. Tammy Talacko

    Sad face! :-( I have truly looked forward to your posts every Monday and have recommended them to many of my family members and friends. I enjoy words and you have a marvelous way of stringing them together in a way that informs and entertains! Best wishes to you as you pursue other creative outlets! And if I ever need a cardiologist, I hope you'll be taking new patients!

  11. Tara

    I will miss getting my weekly email informing me it's time to read a great blog! You have made it easy to understand many difficult cardiac and medical diseases and/or procedures. Your humor and occasional sarcasm has been uplifting and has made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion! Thank you Dr. Van De Graaff!

  12. cinder5

    Your blogs have been a highlight of my Mondays. Always amusing and informative - they'll definitely be missed.

  13. Arie

    Your columns will be sourly missed. You have a talent for taking even the most mundane and boring topics and making them interesting (that's a complement). Thanks for making medicine fun. I only hope that you'll use your spare time now to put together a heavy metal conceptual album on the merits of foxglove (you've already got some killer lyrics!).

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