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Is there a Shorter Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer?

One of the challenges of radiation treatment for our patients is the amount of time it takes for them to get treated. In some cases, patients have to come in for treatment for 6 to 8 weeks on a daily basis. I know that every hour that they have to be at the hospital for treatment takes an hour away from being able to work or being able to take care of their family. One of my personal goals is to try to reduce the amount of time it takes to treat our patients.

Reducing Breast Cancer Treatment Time in Half

At CHI Health St. Elizabeth, we are very up-to-date on the most current studies and the most current cancer treatment protocols. We are one of the first facilities to cut down the time it takes to treat breast cancer in half. It used to take women seven to eight weeks for breast cancer treatment we have been doing it in just three weeks.

We know our patients appreciate it so that they can continue getting on with their lives.

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CHI Health Cancer Team
CHI Health Cancer Team

These blogs were written by members of the CHI Health Cancer Care Team.

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