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Having an Active Lifestyle Over the Holidays

December 2, 2019

Having an Active Lifestyle Over the Holidays

With the cold weather rolling in comes less activity and lack of motivation for exercise.  When the days are shorter more of us want to go home after work, instead of driving to the gym in the dark.  I can absolutely relate.

However, far too often I see a client’s weight go up and health go down over the winter months. You have worked hard to have an active lifestyle and keep weight off over the past several months, don’t stop now! Getting in your exercise may be a bit more challenging, but still realistic. Problem solve your way through it by building off past successes, recruiting a spouse, coworker or friend to exercise with you, and remembering why you started exercising in the first place.

Ideas to Get Motivated for Holiday Workouts

  • Find a new exercise class or try a new piece of equipment at the gym. No better way to bust through a rut than to try something new.
  • Take your fitness home with you. If the gym seems like an extra stop – download a fitness app or download a workout video that you can do from home.
  • Set a new challenge – sign up for a wellness competition at work or train for a 5k. The mindset of working towards something will help to keep you on the path.
  • And if the barriers of time, money, and energy overtake you this holiday season, try to increase your steps throughout the day. Get a pedometer, activity tracker or use your phone to get 10,000 steps per day as recommended by most experts.

Don’t let the cold and dark days of winter stop you from staying active.  Don’t be afraid to problem solve and change up your current routine.  Plan ahead for optimal success, know when you have dinner parties or activities so you can adjust your exercise schedule as needed.  If you can overcome your barriers, you can stay healthy and active this holiday season!

Original post date: Dec. 2017. Revised: Dec. 2019

  1. Yusni Bonlingo

    Great tips you shared in here. Indeed, the cold weather of the holiday should not hinder us from being active and fit.

  2. Damian Campbell

    Winter is the hardest season to do anything. Even it's now January, I still can feel the cold breeze from the winter. I still didn't get to burn the foods I ate from the holiday! I will motivate myself to get going and be active. I needed to be fit! I will surely follow your tips. Thanks for sharing!

  3. matt

    This is a great informative post!

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