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Warning Signs of Depression in Men

October 10, 2018

Warning Signs of Depression in Men

Did you know suicide rates have increased 30% over the last 10 years? In fact, it is the 8th leading cause of death in men in the United States.

Men Don’t Always Show the Stereotypical Symptoms of Depression

Here are some warning signs of depression in men:

  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Loss of energy
  • Less interest in enjoyed activities
  • Feeling less of a purpose in life or less of a connection to life
  • Increase in substance abuse

Getting the Right Help is Important for Depression

If you have concerns that you could be suffering from depression, an easy first step is meeting with your doctor to discuss how you are feeling. If your symptoms turn out to be depression, an easy first step is to meet with your doctor to see if there is something he can do such as medications or referral to a therapist.

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  1. CHI Health

    Hello, If you'd like to reach out to a provider at St. Elizabeth, please give the hospital a call at (402) 219-8000. Thank you

  2. Chuck Chase

    I should say that I am not opposed to medicines and am on statins for cholesterol. I am over 60 and may be switching to TriCare this year as I am a retired Coast Guard Chief. I too like the music around Lincoln: Stranski, Foundation Gardens, South Point, coffee shops, and Foundation Gardens. I love my 6 kids (all grown) and my girlfriend of 35 years. Again, thank you for your time. Please consider whether you would like me as a patient.

  3. Chuck Chase

    I am looking for a doctor that I can talk to about changing my health through diet changes or even supplements. I love St. Es though I am not Catholic. I love Jesus and believe as much in prayer as medicine. I see on my UHC that you are not taking patients but thought I would ask anyway if you would consider being my doctor. Please consider it and let me know.

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