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A Little Dessert (recipe included)

May is a busy month for families. So many happy events occur during the month; with first communion, confirmation, graduations, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, many families gather with extended family and friends to celebrate. The most frequent question that I hear throughout the year, but especially in December and May is, “Do you have a healthy dessert?”

That question puzzles me every time. For me the word healthy means health-promoting.  A food filled with nutrients like protein, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins and minerals. So for me, the healthiest dessert is fruit. During the summer months, fruits like cantaloupe, watermelons, strawberries, blueberries, honey dew, pineapple, peaches, etc. are just the best. Easy to prepare and filled with natural sweetness. We can dress them up with yogurt, fat free whipping cream, or light Cool Whip.

To prepare a dessert is time that I could be walking, stretching, gardening, or reading. However, I understand that it would be helpful if I could suggest some desserts occasionally. Last October (has it been that long!?), I wrote a blog and provided a recipe for black bean brownies. It received several positive comments from readers.

In this blog, I am providing a recipe for Key Lime Cups. Simple and quick to prepare. I also like it because it is served in small portions, just a little dessert. If you like Key Lime Pie, this is similar in flavor but without all the calories and fat. The phyllo mini tart shells are found in the freezer section of the grocery store (I purchased my shells at Super Target). My focus group of co-workers and friends gave it a resounding thumbs up.

Happy May and Happy Mother’s Day. Enjoy!

Key Lime Cups

  • 4 oz light cream cheese, softened
  • 2/3 cups sweetened condensed milk (or use Eagle Brand nonfat sweetened condensed milk)
  • 1/4 cup key lime juice
  • 1 cup light Cool Whip
  • 2 packages (1.9 oz each) frozen miniature phyllo (fillo) tart shells, thawed
  • Fresh fruit for garnish (blueberries, strawberries, lime wedges) optional

In a large bowl, beat the cream cheese, milk, and key lime juice until smooth. Fold in light Cool Whip. Spoon into phyllo tart shells.

Refrigerate for at least four hours or overnight. Just before serving, garnish with fruit, if desired.

Makes 30 miniature tart shells
Serving size: 1 tart

Nutritional Content:
(with regular condensed milk)
Calories: 48
Carbohydrate: 7 grams
Fiber: 0
Fat: 2 grams
Saturated fat: 1 gram
Trans fat: 0
Protein: 1 gram
Sodium: 34 milligrams
Nutritional Content:
(with nonfat condensed milk)
Calories: 32
Carbohydrate: 5 grams
Fiber: 0
Fat: 1 gram
Saturated fat: 1 gram
Trans fat: 0
Protein: 1 grams
Sodium: 25 milligrams
CHI Health Food and Nutrition Services Team
CHI Health Food and Nutrition Services Team

These blogs are written by members of the CHI Health Nutrition Services team.

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