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Menopause: Why Am I So Tired All Of The Time?

We are busy women, we have a lot on our plate. We’re trying to work outside the home, work inside the home, raise our families, help our husbands, help our families; we have a lot going on. I think as we get into our midlife we are not taking good enough care of ourselves.

Is Menopause the Reason I'm Tired?

So in one sense yes it is due to the time frame of the menopause but I don’t want to say it due to the menopause itself. I have many pre-menopausal women who have exactly that same complaint. They think they have a hormonal imbalance, sometime they do, but my job is to help correct more than just your hormones it’s to help restore balance back in your life.

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CHI Health Women's Health Team
CHI Health Women's Health Team

These blogs written by the CHI Health Women's Health Team.

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