Jacque Thiele RD, LMNT

Anti-Obesity Public Service Announcement or Scare Tactic? You decide.

Weight Management, Wellness

You may have seen a new anti-obesity video floating around the media these days. It is described as a Public Service Announcement (PSA) and it is getting all kinds of positive and negative feedback. The video starts with a man having a heart attack and being wheeled into an emergency department. The man is 5’9” and weighs 300 pounds. The video then goes to flashbacks of the man’s life starting with adulthood and venturing back into his childhood. The flashbacks start with doctor’s recommendations to make changes to prevent diabetes, ordering fast food and drinking soda, using a treadmill for storage rather than exercise, playing video games, sitting on bench at recess, being rewarded for good behaviors with candy, being … Continue reading

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Amanda Kuhlman, RN-BSN

Why I’m No Longer Skeptical of “The Sacred Hour”


As a brand new labor and delivery/postpartum/nursery nurse, I was at first skeptical of “The Sacred Hour.” After the newborn was born, the infant’s nurse would take the infant to the radiant warmer, assess it, give immunizations and note the weight and height. The nurse then brought the infant back to its mother, usually swaddled in two warm blankets. There are so many things the delivery nurse has to do after a delivery that having these “tasks” completed made it a lot less stressful on her. Nobody likes change, especially if the way things were before were working just fine, which is what made many nurses anxious and skeptical of implementing The Sacred Hour. After months of implementing it, I … Continue reading

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Chelsea Gauer, RD, LMNT

4 Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthfully

Nutrition, Parenting, Pediatrics, Weight Management, Wellness

We’ve been hearing it for over a decade now: Our kids are getting heavier. One in three of our youngsters are overweight or obese. Prevalence of childhood obesity has tripled since the 1970’s, and is now America’s number one health concern for parents, even over drug and alcohol use. But these are things we already know. The more interesting topic is: What are we doing about it? As a country? A community? As parents? The government is trying its best by changing the school lunch guidelines, which will continue to slowly change until 2022. However, some might argue not slowly enough. Though the initial hype has gone down, kids are still retaliating and complaining of the severe changes made in … Continue reading

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Cassie Benak, MS, PLMHP

Infant Death is, Unfortunately, More Common Than You Think


Dealing with death at any stage, or any age is difficult, but when thinking of death most people’s minds automatically jump to later life stages.  Nobody expects to lose a child hours, days, months after they are born, or even before you’re able to hold them.  Infant death is a reality, and it happens more often than we think.  According to the CDC, the infant mortality rate is over 6.15 deaths per 1000 live births per year.  This number doesn’t even account for miscarriages or stillbirths that occur daily. Death of a child is a horrid thought, which is why the topic has become so “taboo” in our culture, but the more we talk about it the more we see … Continue reading

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Julie Farmer RD, LMNT

The Expanding Role of Vitamin D – Are you getting enough?

Nutrition, Wellness

As summer ends in the northern hemisphere, we spend less time in the sun and the sun’s intensity decreases. Both of these factors decrease the amount of vitamin D our skin is able to produce. Vitamin D is both a nutrient that we eat and a hormone that our bodies make when our skin is exposed to ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. Because foods naturally rich in vitamin D are limited (fatty fish like salmon, tuna & sardines), we are dependent on fortified foods (milk and breakfast cereals in the U.S.) and supplements to meet our needs. But we still may not be getting enough. Worldwide, vitamin D deficiencies are found on all continents, in all ethnic groups and across all ages. Some surveys suggest that half … Continue reading

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