Mary Teague RD, LD

Barbecuing While On a Diet

Nutrition, Weight Management, Wellness

It all starts with Memorial Day, then there is the Fourth of July, followed by Labor Day and picnics with family and friends all summer long. Grilling and barbecues are an excellent way to kick-start a healthy spring and summer by making a few adjustments to the typical fare of hamburgers, hot dogs, mayonnaise-soaked salads and chips. Here are some tips for healthful, guiltless grilling. Marinate the leaner cuts of meat for more flavor with less fat. These are some leaner choices: Eye of round Top round steak Bottom round roast Top sirloin steak Round tip roast And these are other options, slightly higher in fat, but packed with flavor, include: Flank steak Tri-tip roasts Of course skinless chicken and … Continue reading

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Robin Duhon, RD, LMNNT

Getting the Most from Your Farmers’ Market Trip

Nutrition, Wellness

Now that it’s May, the farmers’ markets are open and ready for business! This is a great way to find fresh, locally grown produce and other goods for all of your favorite recipes. A farmers’ market is a designated place, usually several blocks long, where local vendors sell food directly from their farms to consumers at a lower price than grocery stores. You can find a fruit, vegetables, plants, bread, cheese, jam, honey and many other products. It’s also a great way to know how and where your food is grown, since you are able to speak directly to the farmer. Are you still unsure if you should visit your local farmers’ market? It’s the perfect opportunity for you to … Continue reading

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Nathan Sudbeck, PsyD

Workplace Bullies

Mental Health, Wellness

Nathan Sudbeck, PsyD, describes how adults become bullies, particularly in the work place.

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Robert T. Kizer, M.D.

Understanding Probiotics


You can find them in yogurt and chocolate. There are ads everywhere touting the benefits of probiotics but what do you really know about them? Are they good for you? Who should take them? Dr. Bob Kizer, Gastroenterologist with CHI Health, answers those questions and more.

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Christopher Huerter, M.D.

Sunscreen 101

Dermatology, Wellness

It’s that time of year when we start to see the sun fairly often. With more sun comes more exposure to skin-damaging rays.  Sunscreen should be(come) a staple in your daily routine to protect your largest organ, your skin.  Chris Huerter, M.D., of CHI Health Alegent Creighton Clinic Dermatology, answers common sunscreen questions and provides some advice on how to be sunscreen savvy in this quick video.

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